A scrupulous proofreader who helps court reporters save time and produce professional-quality transcripts.

I am a specialized proofreader who is using my grammar geekiness to help court reporters create better work, faster.

As a court reporter, you have the difficult job of trying to capture the imperfections of spoken word at real-life pace.  When you read over these difficult texts, your eyes will often see what your ears heard. Every transcript needs a second look from a fresh perspective.  I've focused my proofreading prowess on legal transcripts and have proofed thousands of pages of depositions, EUOs, hearings, and more.

I work for court reporters who have become too busy to proof their own work or who know the power of having a second set of eyes read their transcripts.  I have high accuracy and a quick turnaround time, and I can help court reporters produce quality work in a fraction of the time they would have spent proofing on their own. Keep yourself on the books, and leave the proofreading to me!

If you have a transcript you need proofread or want to discuss working with me, email me at

  1. Fast response time
    Standard jobs completed within 2-3 days. See "rates" page for more details.
  2. Body of Knowledge
    I have a vast network of proofreaders and editors who help me tackle tough problems and keep me up-to-date with industry standards.
  3. Competitive Rates
    Rates are competitive with other proofreaders for both standard and rushed jobs.
  4. Easy to order
    My process is straightforward and easy. I'll send you a PDF of just the pages I've marked and will use your preferences when proofreading.